The number of people in federal and private prisons in the United States is heartbreaking and this is annoys me so much. Come to think of it! How can millions of citizens be locked up in the prison cells? I’m not trying to plead innocence on their behalf, neither I’m I saying that there should be no people in the prisons, but why should they be that many?

I’m annoyed at the rot in the society

Our prisons are full because the rot in the society seems to be increasing with each rising of the sun. The number of people out there to hurt fellow citizens is just too high. At any given moment, two out of fifteen Americans are intending to do something that might land them in prison. Whether it is petty shoplifting or taking another person’s life, just know that someone is always contemplating doing evil. United States have 1.4 million or more than 2 million people in prison.

I’m annoyed at poor parenting

The number of juveniles in the prisons is another thing that makes me very annoyed. It is pathetic to imagine a girl or a boy of eleven or twelve wasting their lives away in juvenile detention. It is even more annoying to find that a good number of these kids still have parents who are alive. The question that begs then, is that what happened to parenting? Why can’t people bring up their kids in the right manner so that they can shun away crime? May God help us!

Why can’t the government improve the cost of living?

The other reason why there are so many people involved in crime is poverty and high cost of living. Either people don’t have jobs or they don’t get enough money to sustain their needs during these modern times. They thus resort to crime to make ends meet. If we had a good government as those of some countries around the globe, our prisons wouldn’t be full with people who stole in order to survive. This is not a justification however, but our government must do something to make life easy for all of us. I’m annoyed because the government is doing very little to change this situation.

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