I’m annoyed at any person that believes that a CEO of a company can be our President of the USA. Each and every person that works for a company has a bigger boss in that company. Most of the time the say that “he or she make millions of dollars while I can’t afford shit!” or “I pay all these taxes, while they don’t have too”. Well what do you think that they will do with this country? They are looking to line their own pockets and grown they businesses. What will they do for all the big business? The same thing that all the lobbyist have been doing the the life long politicians. What will they do after they leave office? Go back to doing their business. Will they still work on their business while they are President? Our country is not a business and can’t be ran like one. Just think if Trump get’s to be President and his kid’s are running his businesses. Do you think for one minute that he would take away from them? or do anything the take money away from big business, like tax the the same rate as the middle class? I think not!

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