I’m annoyed at the amount of awards shows we have to celebrate the celebrities each year. The first thing I saw after the drop of the New Year’s ball was a TV commercial asking me to stay tune for the next pain in the ass award show. Why do celebrities feel the need to give themselves so many awards every year? Do they consider some of the awards that they received an achievement or is it more of a popularity contest? I feel like these award shows are more a popularity contest and who has the best or worst outfits with outrageous price tags that we normal people cannot afford.

So far we have People’s Choice AwardsGolden Globes AwardsGrammy Awards, The OscarsAcademy Awards and there are allot more. At the People’s Choice Awards, most of the actors’ speech mentioned that they do what they do for the people which I feel is completely false! I feel that the more popular these actors are and more awards they received, it gives the actor an advantage to negotiate for a higher pay contract. Would they still have all these awards ceremony if they earned a normal salary? Would these actors still do it for the fans? Would they continue acting?

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching TV shows, movies, sports and listen to music but I just feel that there is an overwhelming amount of award shows that are used for self-worth. We have a regular job and some of us earn a decent salary. We are lucky when our boss tell us we did good job. We consider ourselves lucky when we get an annual increase or a Christmas bonus or lately we have job to go to. I just think we should be more realistic about these awards. It won’t be so bad with one, two or three but each year it seems like the film industry comes out with a new one to add to the list.


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