I’m Annoyed at Cellphone Photo Filters. There are different things that we find annoying. In some cases, it can be subjective. Meaning, one thing that displeases me does noes necessarily annoy you. To each his own, as they say. If you take a lot of photos, selfies to be more specific, I have no problem with it. It is not a thing that troubles me. However, when you use filters, that is where the problem comes in. This is when I start to get annoyed. Seriously, I don’t get it! I blame technology for inventing filters. They should not be here, to begin with!

For me, the most annoying cellphone photo filters are the ones that are used in selfies. #NoFilter. #NoMakeUp. These are some of the hashtags that we can often see in social media posts of our friends. However, there are some who seem to have developed an obsession with filters, to the point that I could no longer recognize their face. They try hard to be the person they are not are. From having reddish lips to blemish-free skin, they all have one thing to thank – filters!

Filters are used not only in shameless selfies. They are used even in photograph of landscapes and still objects. Sunset, for instance, is one that is commonly filtered. Imagine this. A friend of yours is at the beach, enjoying the good life. The proof? She has an Instagram filled with her latest sun, sand, and sea posts. All of a sudden, she uploaded a sunset picture. It is too orange. Too vivid. Too good and too beautiful to be true. It just ruins the natural beauty of the view.

I am a professional photographer. This is perhaps the reason why I am annoyed with cellphone photo filters. I instantly get irritated when my social media feeds get flooded with photos that have too much filters. They appear unnatural. It seems like the person is trying hard to find beauty in one thing that is flawed. Or better yet, it seems like the person exerts too much effort in making the view beautiful, but the result is that the filters just ruins it entirely.

I personally wish that I will be seeing less filtered photos in my feed. I am sure that many of you are annoyed about the same thing. Why can’t we all just be natural? Why can’t we all embrace true beauty and accept us as we are? Do we still need to use filters to make our skin look glowing? Do we need filters to make sunset more beautiful? At the end of the day, I believe that those who use filters are the ones who do not appreciate bare, true, and natural beauty. If you are one of those people, sorry to say, but I am irritated at you!


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