I’m annoyed the addiction problem facing the United States is caused by the drug companies authorized by the very state to make the drugs. It is completely disheartening to see millions of people waste their lives due to the use of these drugs, yet the companies are sitting high and pretty as they rake in millions of dollars in profits each year.

I’m annoyed that Oxycontin is now used a painkiller

Prior to its reformulation in 2010, oxycontin was one of the drugs that could be snorted or shot. It is a long acting painkiller that many addicts claimed to be better than heroin. As a matter of fact, its chemical composition is just like that of heroin and it is one of the drugs that people will use before they become blown out users of heroin.

It angers me that opioids are now first choice for back pain

It is dismaying to learn that prescription guidelines were changed to make opioids the first choice for lower back pains as well as other pain conditions that were initially never qualified for this kind of prescription. It simply means that with millions of Americans suffering from back pain, millions will now have access to these lethal prescriptions, and with no guidelines to check on their abuse.

It is sad that both doctors and patients are being misinformed by the drug companies

It is sad to observe that both doctors and patients are being misinformed by the drug companies on the addictive nature of the opioid based drugs. For example, Oxcycontine was marketed as marketed as a blockbuster painkiller that would offer relief for 12 straight hours, which is twice as long as the relief you would get from the generic drugs. This was pure malice and with that, millions got addicted. This is indeed very annoying.

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