I’m annoyed at people who ride the Elevator vs Escalator!

First trip was in the Nike store in San Francisco. There is 6 floors in that store with the same amount of escalator’s and stairs. I have my wife and son, which is in his baby cart. Kinda see where I’m going with this right? My wife ask me to go and look at a few different types of sneaker, which was on the 3rd and 6th floor. From the lobby to the 3rd floor was a fine ride to the running shoes. I didn’t see anything, so I decided to go to the basketball floor, which you guess was the 6th floor. Standing at the elevator 1 minute, the door opens and it was packed with all younger people just standing there look at us. Couldn’t get in! 2 more minutes another one with the same thing. I got mad and said to my wife “Let’s go”. She push the down button and the up elevator came with no one on it.

Second trip came 3 days later in the Philadelphia Airport. Same thing with the baby cart. My son and I walk up to the elevator, which is only one floor down. There is 2 business men, 1 lady and a woman with her baby cart waiting on the elevator when we walked up.


The 2 business men only had a carry on.

All I would like to know why would someone stand and wait on an elevator when they could take the escalator and get there faster?

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