I am so much annoyed with the kind of people that just get married because of getting married. Whatever drives them to think that it is a must for them to get married, I do not know. Even so, marriage is not something that you just jump in or wake up one morning and just say yes. You need to know why you are saying yes and understand what marriage is.

I am so annoyed with people who get married simply because they have come of age. Who said that just because you are getting older you should now get married? It does not work like that because having the age-factor pressure on you will make you lose a lot of key points.

I am annoyed at people who get married because their mates are getting married. No one is chasing you to get married and no one is competing with you so you should not compete with anyone else. Run your own race and if you have not yet found someone to run with forever, it is fine.

I am annoyed by people who get married because there is something in it for them and I am talking about money. Money is never really a factor to qualify a man a husband-material or wife-material. What if you end up in a financial crisis as a family? What then?

I am annoyed with people that get married simply because they fancy walking down the aisle in that beautiful white gown. That dress is for one day, that ceremony is for one day. What matters is the life after that. Marriage life now begins when that dress is off and the guests are gone.

I am annoyed at people who get married because that girl looks good in your arms and all of your mates wish they had her. Remember that beauty fades away and you are left with a person’s personality to keep the marriage together and keep you interested.

I am mostly annoyed with these kinds of folks because they are immature when it comes to marriage. Other than love being the foundation for a marriage, there are a lot of other aspects that you need to get right like understanding it is a forever and ever deal. I am annoyed because the failure to understand these simple facts has increased the rate of divorce all over the world and children that are damaged due to broken families.

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