I’m very annoyed at the airlines.  It is true they make our travels across the globe easy and efficient, but also they can cause us a great deal of misery. Just recently, a heartbreaking video of a man being dragged literally from a United Airlines plane resurfaced and this video moved me to tears. Not even an animal deserved that kind of treatment! You look at that and many other incidents taking place in the aviation industry and you are left wondering where humanity is headed to.

I’m annoyed by the rude staff employed by the airlines. To them, we have become nothing but money makers for the companies. They fail to realize that we benefit each other mutually. The contempt, lack of respect and the rudeness that greets you at the airport by the staff is sickening.

I’m annoyed at the lack of efficiency displayed by the airlines. Talk of delayed flights, cancelled flights, overbooking etc. Currently, until you arrive at your intended destination, there are just too many things that can go wrong and ruin the whole flying experience. Can you imagine you being forcefully ejected from your seat to give space to the airline’s staff, yet they are the ones who overbooked the flight?

I’m annoyed by the poor hygiene in the planes. Flying should be a great experience, but when you have to put with dirty seat covers, belts and poor ventilation amongst others, then everything just become pathetic. It is even annoying that we pay heavy fairs yet the services we get are so demeaning. If these airlines don’t want to operate then they may as well roll up and leave.

Finally, I’m annoyed at the inability of the airlines to control unruly passengers. I hate travelers that invade other people’s private spaces such as putting their legs on your seat or those who love to make a lot of noise while on board. It is the duty of the airlines to make the flying experience a pleasant one to all and such unruly people should be dealt with accordingly. These things annoy me the most about the airlines.

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