I’m annoyed at the lying Trump. I’m totally disappointed at my beloved country that we could actually elect such a great liar to be our commander in chief. With all the lies he says, I keep on wondering just how long this great nation is going to suffer under his reign. Trump lies about anything and everything and seems never to have any concrete information on what he talks about. How I wish it was someone else as the president and not this pathological liar in the White House.

I’m annoyed Trump thinks Obama wire tapped him

If it is not the greatest display of insecurity and paranoia, how do you make claims you were wire tapped yet you have no evidence to prove that at all? It is extremely annoying that such a claim didn’t just come from any ordinary citizen, but from the President of the United States. It is even more startling to know that the supposed wire tapping was done during the campaign periods yet Trump had to wait until after he becomes the president to make such claims. Leaves you wondering why did he wait for too long?

I’m annoyed that Trump secretly works with the Russians

When the claims came out, Trump was furious about them and casually brushed them aside as fake news. But after a while, it came into light that Trump campaign team made contacts with Moscow on more than one occasion during the campaigns. The intentions of the meeting are still unclear and may be irrelevant at this point, but how could Trump just face the Americans and say he never had any contacts with the Russians. I’m seriously annoyed because Russia is our greatest threat to our position as a global leader and a super power and here we have a president who covers up meeting with them.

I’m annoyed with Trump’s false promises on jobs

I’m annoyed that Trump made promises on jobs he had no intentions of fulfilling. I’m terribly dismayed we may probably keep on hoping with nothing concrete ever taking place with regards to bringing back jobs home. I feel sympathetic to millions of Americans who bought into these lies of Trump of more and better jobs if this liar became the president. Sorry folks, it’s not going to happen any time soon!

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