I’m annoyed at the US Trade Deals. All of them! As a hardworking and diligent citizen, I’m yet to see any substantial way through which the deals help the ordinary American’s. I strongly believe that the deals may be good for the country, but if I fail to feel their benefits directly in my life, then they are of no use to us. Most of the deals are designed to benefit those whom we partner with, but with very little benefits to us. This is very clear when you consider the Trans Pacific Partnership and The North American Free Trade Agreement.

I’m annoyed that NAFTA took away jobs from us. It is sad to see millions of workers with nothing but stress and poverty in their eyes because of deals like NAFTA which ended taking away millions of manufacturing jobs. Due to such agreements, our partners now have the convenience of manufacturing all manner of stuff and bringing them into the United States so easily. Our people can’t have access to such jobs, and it is even more paining that whatever we could have manufactured and sold within the country is now being manufactured in Mexico and sold to us expensively. This is heart wrenching.

The Trans Pacific Partnership deal is continuing to hurt us and our leaders are very silent. In as much as liberalization is needed in the international markets, we must stop the other partners from taking advantage of us. With the dollar being the global currency, it is now easier for these countries to export their goods into our country, yet it is very expensive for us to export our goods to them. We are thus the ones feeling the weight as they have a field day in raking in more profits.

Most of our leaders seem not to take seriously these bad trade deals. What annoys me the most is that some Americans sat on the table and negotiated such bad deals. All those deals needs to be revised to make them conducive for us as well and not just to our trading partners.

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