I’m Annoyed at the Media for Giving Trump Too Much Air Time. This election and the news coverage afterwards has been nothing but Trump. The man seems to be everywhere on the news channels and other news media. There is no way to escape Trump as someone is always posting about Trumps last tweet, or something stupid that he said or did in the last day. I have become so irritated with these posts that I have started to think about blocking my friends who are posting about Trump.

This started last year when we found out that Trump was running for office. Within weeks of the announcement, I had already become annoyed with Trump, and the media. There were posts about him every few days. I hoped that it would die off, but Trump just becomes a media firestorm as the race continued. With all of Trump’s tweets going viral within hours, I could not escape them. Talking about the latest Trump tweet became all anyone wanted to talk about. This irritated me to the point that I started avoiding people who I knew wanted to talk about Trump.

As the election date kept coming closer, I heard nothing but Trump and all the things that were going on with the election. I could not deal with all the fact checking tweets and news coverage, Trump was everywhere! I started to think about why Trump was doing all these crazy things and saying the most insane things I have ever heard. Within a few hours, I come up with the idea that he wanted to stay in the media attention, so Clinton could not get any air time. That’s a smart plan, but I was still annoyed and irritated at the people who would not stop talking about what Trump was doing.

By the time that November come around, I was the most annoyed that I had ever been in my life. Especially with the people who I worked with at my job, No one wanted to talk about anything but Trump, and somehow all conversations turned about Trump. I wish I was kidding, but I had to tell people to stop talking to me if they were going to talk about Trump. The question about who I was voting for came up a lot at this point, and I refused to answer this question since it was really no one’s business who I was voting for.

Then Election Day came, and Trump won. Even though I was hoping that the media would calm down, it just got worse. I do not think I have been so annoyed with a person who I have never met more than Trump. I’m still irritated with the media because they still talk about Trump all the time.

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