Plastic surgery was created to help real people with real problems. In my view, these are people that actually need plastic surgery such as victims of a fire accident or people with skin conditions without which, their lives would become so much harder. However, the world has made plastic surgery their go to solution to everything, bigger boobs, thinner nose, bigger lips and firmer faces among others. The worst part about it is that there have emerged so many con plastic surgeons that promise that they are professionals but in reality, they are all about making that quick cash. It irritates me that this has led to death cases of so many men and women, which is just not right. Some people have had plastic surgery, and instead of looking better than they were, they actually look like badly drawn cartoons, and they will end up spending the rest of their lives and money trying to correct themselves which always results in worse outcomes that before.

I am annoyed at too much plastic surgery which has led to the new trend across the globe where women are getting bigger breasts, slimmer waists and bigger hips and behinds. It simply does not make any sense; why go through all those surgeries to change our body and spending all that cash to get that so called ideal body when you are only going to spend more money maintaining that. What happened to plain old working out and eating right to achieve your body goals? It displeases me that this trend is not helping the younger generation of children who are growing up knowing that those are the body standards and if you do not reach them, you are not beautiful. It has led to loss of self- esteem, denial and suicide in so many young girls who do not fit this plastic surgery definition of beauty.

It troubles me that plastic surgery has been made into a toy by people to completely change their whole look. Have you met with a former classmate who says hi to you at the store and you cannot even identify who they are? It has happened, and it will continue happening- sadly enough. It has become so difficult for even mothers to recognize their own children thanks to excessive plastic surgery. It was okay to get that one nose job or getting rid of eye wrinkles when in your mid to late forties but these days; that’s not enough. It has become a trait where you get injections on injections on more injections, and sadly, this trend has been adopted by the men too. I mean where are we seriously headed with this excessive plastic surgery?

It irritates that no regulations have been put in place to control this vice before it completely takes over the world. People need to be satisfied with the way they were created for the benefit of the younger generation and those that are to come.

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