I am annoyed at world nationalist movements because they always seem to strike the headlines at some of the most inappropriate times. World nationalist movements have a way of making a perfect timing; a time when the last thing needed is a movement because of that particular issues like for example education system issues.

I am annoyed because most of these world nationalist movements end up in a lot of harm than good. A lot of times these movements have turned out to be violent at the end, something that even those that had nothing to do with it suffered at the hand the police in a bid to break and stop such movements.

I am annoyed because most of these national movements do not really put into consideration the lives of the minority in the movement. Basically, these movements will have a lot of common civilians backing the movement up with the least number of socially well off people and who are in a place of authority. If anything is to happen, those who are well off and in authority will be able to get out perfectly alright leaving the common civilian suffering.

I am annoyed because I do not see why the world cannot just seem to agree like well-educated people do. Is there really a need for a movement? It does not make sense that people can fail to agree to an extent where world nationalist movements have to come in. where the civilization is and all the knowledge acquired after education?  I tend to think that movements are meant to stay in the past but every time humanity makes a step in evolution, the things of the past keep cropping up.

I am annoyed because world nationalist movements interfere with so much more in a country; the worst case scenarios including some services stopping in a number of countries. Every time they happen, something else will be affected. Making it simpler is that people who are supposed to be in certain workstations will be out to join the movement. Who will fill their places?

I am pissed off at world nationalist movements because they cause a panic to some individuals. Remember, not everyone takes kindly to movements and especially in places where they have a bad history of movements. This will cause such individuals to panic and be troubled at the thought of what can happen as a result of the movement.

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