I am annoyed at people who believe in fake news. In this current world that is rules with technology, there are quite a number of places where you can get the latest news in town. It is not only on newspapers and television as it were in the olden days. The different sources of news sometimes bring forth false news. The worst part about it is that people believe it.

I am annoyed because false news always seems to have all the juicy stories that people want to hear other than the truth that needs to be communicated. When the truth is said, it always seems to be boring. This is as compared to when the news has been stuffed up with false information so that it can attract more views and attention of the people and they believe it. Why can’t people just learn to say the truth?

I am annoyed because the people that propel false news have no regards for the damage that the news may cause. Most people do not take the time to investigate the authenticity of certain news and that is why we have a problem of people believing in fake news. For such people, changing their mind can be quite difficult because they already believe in what they believe in therefore there is never room for redemption

I am annoyed because people that believe in fake news will always spread the fake news.  Fake news is always so interesting. It is only right to admit that those who hear of it will tell someone who will tell someone else. Before you know it, it has grown like a wildfire and taming it can prove to be difficult.

I am annoyed because the people that believe fake news do not usually give it a benefit of doubt. Fake news is as good as gossip is. Many people like to believe the worst of people instead of the good in them; the worst in society instead of the good. This has affected the society so much that people do not sit to think how wrong or fake the news really is. A person may know something to be good for so many years but the moment the news headlines ready that that particular thing is bad, they will immediately forget all the good.

I am annoyed at people who believe fake news because they encourage it. Every time people believe in fake news, they show the reporters of the news what they like precisely and that is what they will always get.

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