I’m annoyed at that loud plane talker! My wife son and I where on your way from Philadelphia to San Fran and there was a lady that was 3 seats back from us that was talking to the woman right be side her. I should hear her plan as day. Why talk so loud? I can understand if there was something wrong with her hearing, but there wasn’t. How do I know that? Because when I looked back at her she whispered something to the lady. Maybe she was mad at me for giving her the “I want to chop you in the throat” look! It it a sign that people what to feel important? or is it that they just really don’t care about the next person’s feeling? One way or the other, it’s kinda sad that we do each other like this. All she has to do is put the shoe on the other foot and really think about it, but maybe she has already and really could give a shit!

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