I’m Annoyed at How Much People Rely on Fossil Fuels. One of the things that I’m most annoyed about today is the fact that we still use fossil fuels for just about everything. I understand that we used them in the past because we did not know about all the harm that fossil fuels have on the environment. However, we now know how bad they are, and we still keep using these fuels.

The reality is that there are cities with so much smoke from burning fossil fuels that have a permanent smog cloud over them. That is seriously disgusting, and there is no escaping the burning of fossil fuels anymore because the smog is moved around by the weather.

The worst part is that every time there is a really smoggy day in my city, I have an asthma attack at least twice, which is a huge pain. There is nothing worse than having to stop whatever I’m doing, and take out my inhaler and use it. The thing that makes me irritated is the fact that people have to stop and ask me if I’m alright. No, I’m not. I have to live in area that is trying to kill me since most people are too lazy to use the public transit or make the switch to cleaner fuels. I would move but the reality is that I have a job, so I need to live in the city and deal with the stupid smog.

I think the thing that makes me the most annoyed is that people are still willing to use fossil fuels, even with the rising prices. This rising prices are not going to stop increasing, as more war breaks out in the middle-east. I hear people talking about the rising price of gas all the time, and I’m just annoyed that I get told off every time that I bring up the fact that there other options. What is so bad about taking the bus like most people? Or buying an eco-friendly car? The worst part is that I get blamed for the rising prices because I take the bus, so there is less demand for gas. I have never understood this argument, but I think they need someone who is local to blame for the raising gas prices.

I know being annoyed with people is not going to change their minds about using fossil fuels in their cars. However, I still want to yell at people to either stop driving their stupid cars to work if they do not have to or switch to a fuel that is cleaner. I just want to breathe and not worry about the asthma attacks that I could have when I go outside.

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