I’m Annoyed at People Who Are Never Positive about Anything. I’m truly irritated at people who manage to suck the positivity out of my mood. That’s just it – I’m a positive person. I like looking out for the good things in life, and I like doing so always. Even when something bad happens, I’m always fixating around getting the good out of it. And that’s the way to be. Like, if something isn’t good – it doesn’t really need to be bad. I prefer to think that it’s just going to take some time for it to turn good and it truly troubles me when people label other people or other things as negative without even giving them the chance.

Energy Vampires

That’s how I like to refer to negative people. They suck the enthusiasm and the motivation out of you. That’s why I don’t like to stay around them, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Is it that hard to find the good in the things that surround you? The thing that displeases me the most is their constant attempt to make you feel on the same page. I’m okay if you are a negative person – everyone has the right to do, think and feel whatever he wants but keep it to yourself.

No one should be forced to listen to complaints and criticism throughout the entire time. It’s tiring, it’s overwhelming, and quite frankly, it troubles me tremendously.

If You Search for Negativity – You will find it

That’s the big issue in the point, and that’s what people who are never positive fail to understand. Unless you change the way you think, you will never be happy. If you search for drama, drama is what you will find. That’s just it.

And it doesn’t really help anyone, to be honest. It doesn’t help them because that’s not something which can bring them happiness. At the same time, it doesn’t help me because they are sucking every bit of positivity I have, which displeases me the most and it hurts society too. We live in a negative world, okay, that’s just true. However, the way to change this is through infusing everything with positivity. If we are unable to find the good things in life, we will never change our world. We will continue to exist in wars, poverty, income inequity and whatnot. This dark circle that we are in won’t be broken, and the chains will never be unshackled unless we change the way we perceive things and our attitude towards everything.

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