I’m Annoyed at People Who Use the Race Card, but Hate Their Own Kind. Self-loathing, self-cursing, self-hating, I am currently thinking about a term to use about a someone who is annoyed at their own race, but they do not really hate themselves from being a part of that particular race.  I guess stronger words that will fit their irritating behavior will never exist.  I am just so tired seeing people being racist about his own race only to pull up his race card when things are not right.  I think it’s about time that we address the self-hating of these races.

Irritated at People Who Use Race Card But Displease With their Own Race

Things may be a lot better now compared to the earlier age when there is a strong animosity from the Whites against Blacks.  What troubles me is that this level of hatred seems to be deeply rooted in the system of Americans causing other Blacks to hate their own kind.  It is not even hatred towards individual interaction and relation, but this is self-loathing that is entrenched and systematic.  It troubles me that racism towards their own kind seems to be insidious that they are not even aware that they are being racist.

I am clearly annoyed at the ‘confusion’ of these individuals that there are times that they are so blatant that you can do nothing more than to accept that their behavior is innate.   It is hard to understand the anger of a fellow black against his kind, and when the time comes that he received a racist remark from the other race, he will quickly pull up his race card.

But these level of hatred is not only limited in the black races.  Same thing is happening in Asian countries.  For instance, in the Philippines, there are individuals who have delusion of grandeur thinking that they are better compared to their fellow-citizens.  They will mock them of being incompetent, ignorant and other blasphemous oaths because they are Filipino.   It seems that they have already forgotten that they also belong in the same race.  It displeases me to see someone who undermines the skills and understanding of his fellow race, but when it comes to the others, he will be more than prepared to raise his defense against it.

Racism will exist; it doesn’t matter if you are black, White, Asian or Muslim, it seems that it already became an integral part of the society that has been intertwined into our system.  But I am more irritated, and it is more difficult for me to understand when the racism remark came from someone who belongs in the same race.

Anyone can be racist; a race that cannot be racist would be flagrantly offensive and ridiculous.  I say stop playing the race card if you are being racist.

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