I’m annoyed political parties don’t listen to the people any more. I’m gravely angered that they parties have become vehicles which the greedy politicians use to enrich themselves and reward sycophants, yet this is not beneficial to the electorates at all. The society at large is suffering not because the government is unable to serve them better, but because the politicians we send to represent us are sleeping on the job. It is the primary responsibility of every political party to ensure whoever gave them the mandate to serve (the electorates) is well taken care of, but this is never the case.

I’m annoyed by the empty promises made by politicians

My heart bleeds when I remember the lies our politicians say when the elections are around the corner. I feel pathetic, misused and trampled upon by our politicians. They mean no good to the people. When the elections are just about, they will come around with a lot of goodies and promises on how they intend to change our lives if only we give them the chance. Unfortunately, the masses have become so gullible that we will be easily chews up the lies and keep on electing them. They then disappear and come back during the election time.

I’m annoyed there is no democracy on the political parties

You may think that the political parties are all about being democratic. At the face of it, this may seem to be true, but if you dig deeper, it has become what we refer to as negotiated democracy. In a sense, it the political parties that determines who becomes what or who vies for what seats to represent the people. Once they do this, they will then carry out a show to fool that people that they have elected their favorites. I wonder why can’t just the political parties allow us choose the people we want than them influencing our choices. I’m greatly annoyed at this.

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