I’m annoyed at racists signing up for Airbnb. Airbnb has been an awesome platform for millions of travelers around the globe and it is sad to note that there are a few individuals, both guests and hosts who are displaying racist tendencies. This has achieved nothing but create nasty experience for guests and hosts, all alike. If you think you are racist for any reason, do the world a favor of not signing up for Airbnb.

I’m annoyed at the number of racist hosts at Airbnb. As a matter of fact, the number of racist hosts is far much higher than racist guests. It is so disgusting for someone to book for vacation via Airbnb only to be greeted by racist epithets upon arriving in that property. This ruins your experience and you may as well change your mind. If you are a host and you don’t feel like hosting certain kinds of people in your property, then you have no reason doing business in this world. Look for a world for people just like you and do business with them.

The same also goes for racists guests. If you are looking for a property but you don’t want to book those offered by people belonging to a certain race or races, then you should also look for a world of your own and rent properties of pathetic people just like you. You don’t deserve to be in this world.

It is, however, encouraging to note that Airbnb has taken active and aggressive measures to eradicate racism from the platform. According to the CEO, such measures are not just for liability and PR purposes, but they want to be smart and innovative to come up with tools to detect and prevent discrimination and bias in the network. Therefore, if you are a racist on the platform, soon you will have nowhere to run to.

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