I’m annoyed at the crowd of people that walk side by side on the sidewalk that won’t let the person coming at them PASS! It came to me one day I was walking away from my car after my son’s swimming goggles. There where 4 girls walking side-by-side and the closer I got to them the more it seemed like they didn’t really see me, but they had too. I’m a 6’4” black male and there is no way that they should miss me. I just walked right into the one on the most right and side sorry. Damn it! why should I say sorry? The more I walk round the more I see it. Really, what is it that make people do this? The only time that they really move is when I have my bright red killer baby, take you ankle cart with my son and I. Or I just simply give out a MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! Sometimes that gets them.

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