I am annoyed with people who always seem to stay in a bubble; the world where their problems, concerns, and worries do not exist. It is annoying because pretending that something does not exist does not make it go away.

I am annoyed because living in a bubble will only help you escape the problem for a while but eventually you will have to deal with it. Postponing a problem will always have a way of giving the problem enough time to evolve such that when you finally have to deal with it, it is bigger that when it is started.

I am annoyed because escapism does not show maturity. You can tell a mature person from how they deal with problems. Mature people deal with their fears, worries, problems and troubles head on. There is no room to ignore them when they are already there. Trust me; no one wants to deal with an immature person because if the problem is down to just two people, you and them, it will be so difficult to deal with and especially when they are in their bubble.

I am annoyed because staying in a bubble makes your existence a fake one. Running away from troubles and shielding yourself in a bubble makes you feel like the troubles do not exist and yet they are very much present.  If you want to enjoy a lie, do not make the people who are around you be forced to tolerate it; it is pretty hard. That bubble just lies to you alone. Everyone else around you knows exactly what is going on.

I am annoyed because spending too much time in a bubble will mean that getting you back to reality will be difficult and especially if you stay there for long. Most people stay in a bubble long enough that the life they are living becomes their new reality. Losing your mind is a potential effect of this bubble that seems to make everything bad just go away like that. How will you re-teach yourself about the true reality?

I am annoyed because people who live in a bubble have the worst problem-solving abilities. How many bubbles will they have to build and stay in throughout their entire existence? Everyday life is full of challenges and you need to solve them and move on or else you will build thousands of bubbles to stay in.

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