I’m annoyed that the older people get the more religious they become. I feel totally disappointed at old folks whose commitment to going in church have become more than phenomenon in the recent years. Walk into any church on Sunday in the United States and you will find most of the congregants are older people, with the majority being 60 years and above.

What annoys me the most is that they have the guts look down upon the young people who don’t seem to care so much about religion? One glance at them will make you think that they are the ones who have seen the light and the rest are still living in the dark.

I’m annoyed that for a long time I wanted to believe this was just a perception; that the older you get the more religious you become. Unfortunately it is not a perception. It never was! It is a hard fact that older people tend to get religious as they realize that their date with their grave is coming closer. They then start making peace with their makers so that if at all it is true there is heaven and hell, then they may enhance their chances of getting to heaven.

But why don’t such people have this realization early enough than wait to get older? I’m terribly angered because these are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who wasted their prime years doing worldly things and now that their days on earth are almost over, they think they can do something different.

Though as an individual, I’m pretty limited with what I can do to change people’s perceptions on religion, I think it’s time people got real and stopped the pretence by waiting to get old before they can take religion seriously. You should also not look down upon the young people whom you think are not as religious as you are. It is even more annoying to think that you were once like them and now you think they are lesser persons than you.

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