I’m annoyed at the Whistler; that’s what I call that little hardened piece of snot in your nose that whistles like a parakeet every time you breathe.

It comes around in the winter, and once you realize that your mucus is frozen solid it’s too late. I think of it as this little sharpened blade of rock-hard snot, sort of like a melon slice sitting far back in your sinus cavity. It’s a real problem; too far back in your nose dig, too tightly embedded in your sinus cavity to dislodge by blowing your nose, and despite that, dangerously loose; if you laugh or sneeze too hard, it can become snot shrapnel, shooting out and possibly injuring your kids.

I think they need to make a tool you can probe your nose with to extract it. If it was on a commercial on late night TV, I’d buy it.

Photo by www.factzoo.com

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