I am annoyed at men making decisions on women issues. There are quite a number of issues that affect women specifically. These issues primarily affect the woman’s mental health, physical health, and even their emotional health. The worst case scenario when they are faced with any problem that falls under the above-mentioned category is the fact that men get to decide what happens or make rules pertaining to these issues which are by far the most unfair thing if you ask me.

First and foremost, I am annoyed because these issues are only known and perfectly understood by women because they are the ones that go through them. If men have never walked in such problems, how are they the ones to know exactly what is needed as a solution? It is only a person that has been there who knows what needs to be done to make the situation better or the problem go away.

I am annoyed because given a chance for men to make decisions pertaining to women issues; chances are that they may bring forth rules and solutions that will favor them in one way or the other. Take an example of men having the final say of a woman’s dressing? Imagine the kind of ‘disaster’ that will cause. They will definitely want women to dress as per their own liking.

I am annoyed because men will never really fully address the issues that women deal with effectively. Women have been known to be quite emotional and some of the things that affect their emotional health could sound ‘childish’, ‘immature’ or petty to their counterparts. This will only mean that the men will only handle according to what they think should be the right way instead of handling it in a way that will ignore the main problem because they do not see the real problem.

I am also super annoyed with the fact that men making decisions on women’s issues sometimes come off as a way to undermine the decision-making abilities of women. Generally, the world has grown with the notion that men are better decision makers and hence the need to involve them even on issues that do not really concern them. Women are more capable decision makers for their own issues because they are the ones that always have to deal with them. So the best our men counterparts can do for us is stay away from any decision making processes. Maybe, just maybe, they can act as consultants.

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