I’m Annoyed at Trump’s Lack of Information on Anything. Not long ago, numerous personalities have warned us about the competency and temperament of president-elect Donald Trump.  It displeases me that Trump lacks the basic knowledge on anything about the world.  Based on his speech during the presidential campaign, he seems to have no clue about the difference between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims.  It is quite scary to think that the President-elect lacks the understanding on their stuff.  Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to show any interest in learning his stuff.

Why I am Irritated with His Lack of Understanding

People should be worried that the next president of the USA lacks the common understanding about the world and the stuff surrounding his country.  Ignorance may lead to all kind of insane stuff which troubles me.  The fact that he is also unaware about the foreign policy might affect our relationship and ties with other countries.

Trump also never fails to show his inadequacy in the political system of the country.  Aside from a slim understanding about the national security, Trump is literally ignorant about the major duties that are needed to execute by the federal government.  He is unaware about how to promote justice, encourage the interstate business and I am annoyed that he has no damn clue about the international relation.  He also does not have any idea on how to uphold the domestic tranquility.

It is alarming to have a president that doesn’t have any idea how the government of the USA have been established.  The federal government is comprised of three cabinets; treasury, state, and defense to uphold the main goal of our government to encourage prosperity, promote peace and conduct war respectively.

The ‘functions’ which Trump normally highlights on his interviews; education and healthcares are not the central mission of our government which displeases me.  These are functions that are typically understood by our populations and activities that are categorized under the police power of the state.  Well, perhaps this shouldn’t be too surprising since throughout his campaign he has been dismissive about the civil rights and liberties and the division of powers.  As a matter of fact, Trumps was only pressured about the constitutional issue was when he reverses his stand on the issue of torture after he showed his lack of understanding about the power of the president to command the military in torturing the POW (prisoners of war).

Hopefully, a miracle will happen which will make trump realize about his lack of information, understanding and inadequacy and he will be aware that the government of America and Trump are not a match made in heaven.  Perhaps his ignorance will cause him to just give up the position of the presidency since it is way beyond the understanding of his irritated brain.

Photo by: Evan Vucci/Associated Press

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