I’m Annoyed at the US Healthcare System. There are so many reasons I’m annoyed at the Healthcare system in America. Let me start with the people providing the care. The doctors. I know that doctors are some of the hardest working professionals out there and their decisions could literally mean the difference between life and death. That is a lot of pressure and certainly causes a lot of stress from them, I agree. But what troubles me is that they don’t see patients as people.

Annoyed During a Scheduled Appointment

Speaking for myself, I really am interested in what is happening in my body, what is causing my ailment. I really want to understand. I get irritated when the doctor can’t explain my condition in a way that is clear to me, being a layperson. Maybe it would be helpful if I could spend more time in the doctor’s office, asking for explanations before being rushed out after my brief 15-minute appointment. I also get irritated when test results or medical records aren’t available for my scheduled appointment. I made the appointment to discuss further treatment, but there are no results to base the discussion on. Does that seem sensible to you?

Annoyed at the Price

I think the reason why I’m so annoyed is that I am paying a lot for this less than satisfactory service. A huge portion of the American dollar goes into our health insurance. Still, I don’t get to pay a doctor a fee that is related to the quality of service he is giving me. Shouldn’t I be paying less if I see the same doctor with the same complaint, which he couldn’t diagnose correctly the first time? Yet, we pay again and again for the same tests being done over and over, even thought the treatment has no remarkable effect.

Annoyed at the Lack of Assistance

If I had the choice, I would rather pay a doctor who has my interest at heart.  That would entail a doctor who is available when I really need medical care. I have been to a lot of doctors who are completely unavailable over weekends or after hours. Of course, I understand that they also have families and private lives, but what about an emergency? Instead, you have to go to a hospital’s emergency room and wait it out until you can be taken care of. I wouldn’t be so irritated about this if I wasn’t paying so much in health insurance every month.

Annoyed Because this is America

Medical bills are high, and a lot of citizens have trouble paying those bills. It also means that a lot of people aren’t getting the medical assistance they need. We should be looking at ways to streamline and digitize our healthcare system. It displeases me that we are one of the countries with the most expensive healthcare in the world – paying twice as much as other first world countries – without getting twice the benefits.


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