I am so annoyed with charities that print t-shirts instead of just donating the money. Basically, charities help people, institutions and even some other non-profit-making organizations with financial help and other kinds of supplies.

I am annoyed because the need for money cannot be compared to having t-shirts. When these charities print out t-shirts with their name and details and give them to their target audience that they help, all these t-shirts will be used for is to cover the body. But what about those problems that need money? Are t-shirts going to solve them? A charity may give financial aids and give the t-shirts also. But will it not be better to just put that money for purchasing and printing t-shirts to the donations account?

I am annoyed because the main reason why charities give out their personalized t-shirts is so that they can be acknowledged that they are behind the funding of an event, a group of people or even an institution. If you ask me, I believe recognition is the least of any charity worries. If the purchasing and printing money can do a lot more, why not put it in the project. The people that the charities are helping recognize and appreciate them. There is no need to let the whole world know about it..

Most people just throw the shirt’s way!

I am annoyed because printing t-shirts instead of just donating the money seem like a misplaced priority. The priority is getting the people in need of help a lot more than just t-shirts. The priority is ensuring that all the needs of the people in question are met instead of giving them luxurious things like printed t-shirts. The people you are helping are not suffering from lack of clothes and if they are, one t-shirt will not help with their entire clothing problem.

I am annoyed that printed t-shirts are not a solution to anything. Basically, when charities see problems that need addressing, they offer the solution. From my standing point, there is nothing that printed t-shirts will solve when a need arises; even if it is a need for clothes. Therefore, if it is not solving any problem, why do these charities feel the need to make them? They should just divert the money to be spent on the t-shirts to the solution provision task at hand and get the job done.

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