I am really annoyed with women and their body image. Day in and day out you will come across a woman who is struggling with her looks. Always going for things that will make her look better only for the solution to be a temporary fix.  Why are they not after that which is more permanent, their personality?

I am annoyed with women who always feel the need to bleach their skin color so that they can feel beautiful. Who told you that being a brown skin or a white skin girl will make you beautiful? A color is just color and being unimpressed with your own is just a sad factor. Every kind of skin is flawlessly beautiful. Instead of bleaching, how about finding products that blend perfectly with your skin and bring the best out of it. When you do, bleaching will be the last thing on your mind.

I am annoyed with women who think being a size ‘zero’ is what qualifies as beauty. Hell no! Who told you that? The other annoying category is those that feel being a plus size is the jackpot. Where did all these come from? There are different kinds of body sizes out here and they are all beautiful. Feeling beautiful and confident about yourself is just the most beautiful thing about a woman.  Anybody sized couples up with the perfect kind of dressing that suits your body will work perfectly. No one has the right to say which body type is more beautiful all that is necessary is being within the health weight range.

I am annoyed at women who feel the need to have body curves to qualify as beautiful. A lot of our young girls have found themselves in a lot of health problems that are self-imposed in a bid to be ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’.  Getting those butt implants, hips enlargement and even breast implants are not necessary if you can just learn to love yourself right.

I particularly annoyed because body image among women has in a way devalued them instead of actually improving them.  Basically, women have set for themselves standards that they have no business setting. You are only as beautiful as you feel. When you need to change your looks to feel beautiful, it only shows the insecurities that you have.  The moment you go the ‘fake’ way, and then you are, in one way or the other, objectifying yourself.  How about you invest in who you are.

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