I am super annoyed at parents who have young kids who always say that they are waiting to travel when the kids can remember. If you ask me, this is a very weird thought if you think about it. There is just no valid reason as to why you should not go on vacation or tour the world because the kids are young.

I am annoyed because taking a vacation or traveling is not necessarily because of the kids. What about you having a great time? Remember, traveling is a time to bond and have fun as a family. Being constrained in the same environment can make life boring. Travel and relight that spark with good times.

I am also annoyed with such parents because you may just waste a lot of years not taking any trip because you may always have a young one with you. Look at it in this light, you got married and had a kid. You never took a trip after your honeymoon for three years to raise the kid then another one comes. The excuse will be the second child is still too young. The trend may keep up to your third or even fourth child. What then? Over ten years without a single trip.

I am annoyed because such parents do not realize just how relaxing taking a trip could be. Basically, the mind and body will relax and consequently boost your mental, emotional and physical well-being. It will leave you refreshed and ready for life when you get back.

I am also annoyed because such parents are stuck in a mentality that suggests all the fun and games should be put to a halt until the kids grow up. God does not bless you with kids so that you can stop enjoying life. Learning to enjoy life with the kids and particularly when traveling is concerned starts while they are still small. This way you are also learning a lot about traveling with young kids

I am mostly annoyed because in a way, they are saying that a small child does not need to take a trip and this is just wrong! Who said so? I know I love to look at my baby pictures in different places and like to know that even though I was just a kid; my parents had a great time traveling with me.

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