I am annoyed because a lot of countries including the ones that have not grown half the way The United State has grown offer paid parental leave to new parents with newborn babies. It is not an easy task to bring a child to this world, stay with them for a number of weeks so as to take care of them and also lack money to do so effectively and comfortably.

I am annoyed because the government of the United States is more than capable to offer the paid maternity and paternity leave but they just do not support it. Many countries are doing it and United States, as a whole super power country cannot do it. This is annoying and quite frankly, very embarrassing.

I am annoyed because most families do not get the paid leave when the kid is born and yet babies need a lot of stuff so that they can be comfortable and adopt the kind of life they will be living. If a parent takes a paternity or maternity leave, the inflow of money can prove to be exactly what they needed to comfortably buy what they need. Babies are expensive; a little financial support will go a long way.

I am annoyed because unpaid maternity leave has been in the picture for quite some time and statistics have shown that women that received no percentage of their salary while on leave did not return to work while the ones that get paid always come back to work yet not much seems to have changed concerning this. This in a way has made women struggle a little while they raise their children at one point or another or lose interest in having kids.

I am annoyed because unpaid paternity leave has led a lot of families to struggle financially. Remember, the woman has just given birth and therefore she is in no shape to be up and down looking for money. When the husband takes a paternity leave and is not paid, they may feel frustrated because they cannot take care of their families.

I am annoyed because the failure of the government to support paid paternity and maternity leave may cause men not to take some time off and bond with their newborn child. This is because they are afraid of not being able to support the family and yet the bonding can be healthy for their relationship in the future.

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