I am annoyed with cheap labor and how it works around the world. Basically, there is some jobs that are only reserved for the illegal people that even the American citizens cannot do them. What annoys me is that if the Americans Could do it or are doing it, they do not and could not receive the same kind of pay the illegal people get.

I am annoyed because cheap labor is an exploitation of the people. Why should you take advantage of a person’s predicament so as to save yourself some money? Some of the jobs that look out for cheap labor include stores, some industries, field works and even some cleaning works. If a person does these jobs, are they not entitled to get more than just peanuts? These exploitations should just end.

I am annoyed because it is a show of the lack of hospitality. These illegal immigrants came to America because it is a better place than their homes as they are out to look for greener pastures. Why should they come here and find a worse life than what they left at home? It is not funny living on minimum wages or cheap labor in America.

I am annoyed because it is a sign of disrespect. If someone is going to work for you, paying them less than what is deserved is a show of disrespect to them and their services. All these jobs that are associated with cheap labor are usually difficult and exhausting. The least an employer can do is pay up.

I am annoyed because cheap labor diminishes a person’s value. It is basic knowledge that what you own is your value. The people that always provide cheap labor are illegal people who have a lot of knowledge only that life has taken them on a different turn and therefore cannot put to use their skills and earn themselves a decent living. The cheap labor will just see to it that their value goes lower in the society because there is no way they can climb the social ladder when all they can do is offer cheap labor.

I am annoyed because these people that offer cheap labor are somehow trapped in that kind of life. It is so annoying to think that a person can have so much to make themselves great yet they cannot because they are trapped in the ‘illegal’ category and consequently trapped in the cheap labor side of life.

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